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Innovated to Construct Your Invaluable Intellectual Property
/enˈTHrôl/ (v.)

To capture the fascinated attention of.

Your Team of Brand Architects

Enthrall is a comprehensive brand development firm
known for it’s category creating approach to
branding, marketing, and consultation.


1. Determine the best target upon which to build
through an in-depth Brand Analysis


2. Develop the strategies that will compose
the core of your Brand Identity


3. Deploy the tactical Brand Systems through which
your clients will interact with your new asset

We collaborate with you
to build a home for your passion

With a unique millennial insight into the industry, Enthrall has a reputation for positioning clients’ brands in the center of their audience’s attention. Our proprietary GPS Brand Development System is built upon a cutting edge, global perspective on building sustainable Brand IP (Intellectual Property) that can dominate the Information Age marketplace.

Brand Partners

We serve our community of brand proprietors in building and executing intellectual property plans.

Associate Partners

We strategize the execution of brand deliverables with our firm of independent joint operators.

Affiliate Partners

We set the scene for a positive, progressive culture with our network of ambassadors.


What We Do

Brand IP Construction

Our proprietary, collaborative brand development processes will leave you with the powerful IP that separates extraordinary success from mediocrity.

Brand Consultation

Through our consulting we work with clients to clarify goals and define clear actionable steps to help solve problems, minimize risks, and maximize value.


Correctly leveraging and protecting your Brand Intellectual Property is of the utmost importance. Our BrandKit will give you the one-stop resource to ensure the successful execution of your Brand Strategy.

Brand Workshops

Immersive Brand Education experiences provided by Enthrall to an organization or individual in order to immediately elevate the competence and capability of attendees.

Brand Training

Training courses and sessions to educate, certify, and equip clients in brand building fundamentals, strategies, and execution tactics

Creative Services

Our Graphic and Print Design services cover a wide range of solutions including Websites, Logos, Business Cards, and Letterhead.

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  • Mike Pirtle
  • Brand Architect

Michael started Enthrall in 2009 during his sophomore year at Indiana University. With the mission to develop the discipline necessary to build a successful enterprise, he enlisted in the US Air Force, and collected multiple honors and positions as a satellite communications technician in Germany. Mike embarked on building Enthrall full-time in 2014. He now owns a portfolio of brands that generated over $850,000 across three industries in FY2017. He believes that any goal can be accomplished with the focus on a single word – Progress.
Mike has a passion for inspiring others to pursue their goals by identifying a brand they want to become, and focusing on acquiring the knowledge, habits, and skills to fulfill that vision. This life philosophy is embodied by the ELITE Coalition Brand Consortium, ELITE Apparel, ELITE Foundation, and ELITE Fellowship Program.
Mike has built a professional track record of building businesses from the ground-up and ensuring their long-term success. He considers himself to be a “builder of brands and people.” Michael is dedicated to the mission of inspiring others to their peak potential. He believes that anyone can build a brand around their passions and, with consistent effort and focus, progress into a life of fulfillment.

The ELITE Brand Consortium

Brand Partner Program


Brand Construction System


Capital Brand Asset Package


Brand Capstone Experience


Elite Coalition Network


Enthrall University Access


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