Why Are Influencers Important for Your Social Media Marketing?

When you first start out thinking about social media marketing, it can be easy to overfocus on creating the perfect ad or doing other things to attract the right kinds of customers to your pages. But in all reality, channeling your efforts towards doing collaborations with influencers might be a better use of time. Influencers have already developed a solid following that could be significantly influenced to use their product.

They Have a Larger Reach

Influencers are a great resource to tap into because they have such a large reach already—they have carefully built their following by producing great content and connecting with their followers. While you can obviously buy followers with different methods, they won’t be quality followers and they likely aren’t going to convert into customers any time soon.

Tapping into the authentic followers of influencers can save you a lot of time and hassle trying to grow your reach completely on your own.

People Trust Them

92 percent of customers trust influencers more than traditional ads. That’s a really important statistic when it comes to social media marketing. You might initially feel the need to focus on your advertisements and on paying for different ads through the respective platforms but recognize that a random ad that pops up on a user’s feed is going to be much less effective than a video posted by an actual influencer.

When influencers have already developed trust with their followers over a long period of time and over a long period of making great content, it will be much easier to simply tap into that trust than to try and get a few hits here and there without previously established credibility.

They Give Authenticity to Your Brand

Not only do people trust influencers themselves, but influencers can also help people trust your brand too. Influencers have usually developed such a wide following because they know how to balance marketing a product with being authentic about it—something you can’t really accomplish with your own ads.

When influencers talk about your product in a positive light in the context of their life, your product also feels more authentic and relatable to the viewers.

As you build your social media marketing strategy, recognize the power that influencers have. Finding the right influencers to post sponsored content could really help you quickly gain more customers through social media. Failing to use influencers could mean falling behind the competition.

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