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  • Let's Build Your Asset
  • Is your Brand built to last?

Enthrall is committed to building sustainable Capital Brand Assets that maximize market share by capturing the fascinated attention of its audience. We are not a marketing company.

We are a BRANDING company, and we love what we do!

What We Do

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Brand ID Development

Brand Construction & Renovation
At the center of an effective brand, is a well constructed strategy that guides the direction and meaning of the business or organization. Start-up brands and existing brands benefit exponentially when they have a clear plan to build brand equity with everything they do.


Enthrall’s trademarked processes will spearhead the process of crafting a powerful intellectual property asset to take your brand to the next level.

Brand ID Design
Creative Services


Projecting your brand in a concise and vivid manner is crucial today. With a full understanding of our client’s IP, we are able to convey your messaging on brand and on target to the people you want to reach.


•  Logo Design                                   •  Photography

•  Web Design                                    •  Videography

•  Social Media Design

•  Print Design

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Brand ID Maintenance

Brand Concierge
Having your own brand development firm that is dedicated to increasing the value of your brand asset is a luxury many businesses don’t have access to. Our comprehensive brand concierge provides everything our clients need to successfully implement a long term brand strategy.


We will work with you to tactically implement ad campaigns, outreach initiatives, inbound content marketing, and much more in an effort to “Own Your Space” in the marketplace.

Brand Consultation

Corporate Brand Strategy & Business Coaching
Our consultative approach strategically implements Information Age tactics into your organizations’ workflows to optimize your brand position and messaging.


Brands that want to diversify their intellectual property or increase the value of their Capital Brand Asset can leverage our knowledge to achieve progress towards their goals. We are here to help you make executive level decisions about your business and brand activities that will yield exactly the results you are looking for.

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Brand Voice

Full Service Podcast Production
Podcasting is a largely under-utilized way to push your message to a captive audience. Enthrall provides a white glove podcast production experience for individuals, organizations, and companies looking to generate thought leadership and culture for their brand.


We handle everything from the brand and format development, setup, production, post-production, publishing, show notes, and social media marketing content. You just do one thing – record, and we handle the rest to ensure a professional level broadcast for your brand.

Speaking Engagements

Hire Mike for your Event
Progress – that is the word that has molded Mike’s philosophy, and he aims to leverage his life experiences to inspire others and equip them to push for their own self directed progression.


With a global perspective and unique entrepreneurial life path, Mike will bring an impactful presence and invaluable insights to your event. His experience speaking to military leaders, schools and universities, athletic teams, non-profits, network marketing professionals, and city organizations make him a great fit for a diverse range of occasions.

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