Industries That Will Grow in Demand as the Climate Changes

Knowing which industries are growing can help you figure out where to put your efforts over the next few years. As you think about certain industries that seem to be accelerating, consider your current career path and your specific skills. If you can find a way to apply your current skill set to one of these fields, you’ll find a lot of success.

Solar Panels

Solar energy continues to be increasingly relevant as energy prices seem to go up each year. Solar panels are incredibly effective depending on the area you live in—if you live somewhere with year-round direct sunlight, getting solar panels on your home could significantly reduce your energy bills.

But even if you don’t live somewhere with consistent strong year-round sunlight, solar panels could still be an option. Figure out which specific area of the market you want to get involved in and go for it. It’s a great industry to be in.



HVAC systems are incredibly important for homeowners. For a growing market of homeowners who are renovating their existing older homes, having a new HVAC system put in will save them money and will make their lives much easier and more convenient.

The HVAC business is already a $130 billion industry. And it is only growing. As you figure out how to become part of this business, be sure to think it over carefully.


Pest Control

Another surprising industry that continues to be on the rise is pest control. As real estate continues to develop and as people continue to move into new homes, homeowners will need pest control options to ensure their home stays protected and their families stay comfortable in their yard.

If you’re thinking about busting into the industry, there are a variety of places to start. You could start as an initial sales representative to get a taste for the business or try to start your own company by connecting with realtors to see if you could coordinate with them to sell your pest control services to new home buyers.


Understanding and being able to forecast where markets are going in the recent future can help you in your career or with your business. Continue to do your research to understand where these industries overlap with each other and with your field to identify areas where you could make a difference. Ultimately, be prepared for change because it is definitely coming.

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