Industries That Need to Work On Customer Experience

The customer experience is a critical point of business operations. If you nail it, there’s a good chance you’ve earned the customer’s loyalty and you can expect to see them again. If you don’t, they probably won’t come back. Unfortunately for some industries, the customer experience isn’t a strong suit.

Mobile Communications

Cell phones and the internet are so ubiquitous at this point, that most of us don’t really stop to give it much consideration. We just expect it all to work the way it’s supposed to. At least, until something goes wrong, that is. Then we have to deal with customer service. Given that a few mobile communications companies landed in the top spots on a list of America’s most hated companies in recent years, it’s pretty much a given that this industry could use some serious work in the customer experience department.


Everyone needs healthcare services at some point in time. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is rife with customer experience horror stories. More than 80% of patients are dissatisfied with their healthcare experience. Reasons run the gamut from medical malpractice to a lack of transparency in billing practices. Many people don’t get care unless they really need it, and even then it often gets pushed off because it’s perceived to be unaffordable. In many cases it may very well be. It doesn’t help that healthcare is virtually the only service in which you don’t know the price for what you’re getting before you get it. For anything else, you know the price you’re going to pay before you pay it.


A huge part of the problem with healthcare billing is insurance, though the problems with customer experience aren’t limited to health insurance. Insurance in general is often perceived as something of a necessary evil. It can make an otherwise unbearable financial burden a little lighter, but only if your claim is approved. Insurance companies deny claims for multiple reasons, but it can all be boiled down to them being a business that needs to make a profit. This can lead to a frustrating experience for customers, especially since they don’t feel their needs are being met, let alone prioritized.

For some industries, the customer experience often doesn’t seem to be much of a priority. Mobile communications, healthcare, and the insurance industry are just a few examples of industries that could really use some work in this area. It would go a long way towards improving customer satisfaction, which would likely be reflected in profit margins too. Really, improving the customer experience is a win for everyone.

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