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How to Proactively Preserve Your Reputation

Would you invest in something or someone you don’t trust? The reputation of your business is a major factor that affects its consequent success or failure. This is because people want to trust a brand the same way they could trust a person, and if they can’t they’re not likely to stick around. Losing a good reputation can be hard to come back from—that’s why it’s better to be proactive in preserving the standing you already have with your customers.

Improve SEO

Though people may not actively think about it, inherently everyone wants the best of the best. Your business may have a reputation for being good at certain things, but to really keep your reputation from taking a downturn you can’t settle for that—which is why improving SEO can really boost your standing with customers. When you show up at the top of search engine results, your expertise is more legitimized in their eyes. To improve your SEO, don’t waver on producing a steady stream of content and expanding your link building, and keep your website updated—Google looks at how fresh content is, not just its relevance.


Respond to Complaints

Many are familiar with the idea that if you close your eyes, the bad thing will just go away! The truth is, despite how difficult responding to a complaint is, ignoring it or fighting against it can make your business’s future even more difficult. Nearly all customers that read reviews also take into account a business’s response, so leaving a problem unaddressed will simply show future customers you aren’t great at customer service and therefore aren’t a business constantly trying to improve itself. Who wants to invest in that?


Monitor the Conversation

Author to Decide Maybe people won’t directly leave you a review explaining a problem, but they’ll certainly tell other people about it. Luckily with social media and the internet being such an important form of communication, you can monitor the conversation online about your business and get a feel of how people view your brand. There are lots of keyword tracking tools to research this and collect tangible data on the ratio of negative and positive mentions, and more especially what is being talked about, so you know what to change and what to keep doing.


Every time your customer makes a purchase, they are investing themselves further into a relationship with your brand. Don’t let that relationship die by waiting until a reputation crisis to keep up your end. Be proactive in preserving your reputation, and enjoy the loyalty it will inspire!

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