How Does SMS Marketing Compare to Email Marketing?

There are many types of marketing that allow you to directly communicate with your customers. You may find yourself wondering whether email marketing or SMS marketing is the best method for you. Understanding both can help you see what would benefit your business.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a type of marketing in which you send texts to your customers. You can send texts for confirmations, coupons, reminders, and even to request feedback. The benefit here is that you can instantly reach them and expect your message to be viewed since 98% of texts are read. With SMS marketing, there is a faster response time. Most people will read their texts within three minutes. SMS marketing doesn’t require an internet connection to reach your customers the way email marketing does. Overall, it’s an easier way to reach people and know that your messages are getting through.

Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, there’s a lot you can achieve. Emails are a great way to keep your customers updated about any upcoming sales/promotions at your business as well as any changes. They are perceived as a professional form of communication, and they can help to build credibility for your business. Many businesses use email marketing in order to increase traffic to their website. If you choose to use email marketing, it can be helpful to include personalization. You can keep it simple by using someone’s name in the email. However, you might want to segment your email lists, so the content is more relevant to them. For example, you can have a separate list for new and old customers.

Tips for Using SMS Marketing

In order to effectively use SMS marketing, you should follow a few guidelines. When sending texts, make sure you keep them brief and have a clear call to action. An example could be a brief text asking about their experience with your business and then an indication to follow a link to a survey. You should also make it clear to your customers how they can opt out of receiving texts in the future. The timing of your texts is also key. Avoid early morning, mealtimes, and late at night. You want your texts to be received at a convenient time. 

There are many benefits to both SMS marketing and email marketing. SMS marketing does serve many of the same purposes of email marketing, but it does it faster and it can be a more effective tool. Understanding both approaches can help you determine what is best for you.

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