Communication Tools You Should Be Using to Reach Customers

As a business owner, you need to be able to contact your customers and have them communicate with you whenever they need to. This means that some of the older models, like email, can be useful to you. But, reaching millennial and Zoomer generations is different than their progenitors!  What are some communication tools you should be using to reach customers?

Text Messages

Cold calling customers is just not the way to reach them anymore. Whether they don’t answer calls from numbers they don’t know, or they’ve gotten a few (thousand) too many calls about their car’s imaginary warranty, this just isn’t the modern way your future clients want to communicate. Instead, text messages are much more useful to you! Texts, especially with codes or coupons attached, are less overwhelming in a modern society, as they can be accepted or rejected as desired without answering another call. This offers a greater chance that your customer will stay subscribed, and that means you can keep in contact for longer.

Push Notifications

You can personalize push notifications for customers’ individual situations. There are, of course, those who unsubscribe to push notifications as well. However, those to whom your services matter most – and who will give you repeat business – will enjoy getting new information, articles,  blog posts, and all of the services you offer. Push notifications are a great way to keep loyal customers continually engaged.


Using chatbots helps you in a number of ways, and especially helps your customers to feel that their messages are being reached quickly and easily. When your website uses chatbots, this means that they can direct incoming traffic in need of assistance, and get users to the right webpage, FAQ information, or put them in contact with an individual as quickly as possible. This is particularly good for you when you and your team are away from your desks taking care of other business like returns during vacations or holidays. Chatbots serve as the first line of defense. Your customers don’t need to wait, and are happy to be directed where they need to go to get what they want.

Your website can be streamlined so that your customers not only have more ways to communicate with you, but you with them as well! Try push notifications and text messages instead of calls or emails. Make sure your chatbots work efficiently to help customers funnel all of your communication where it needs to go!

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