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Company culture dictates how a company functions. Furthermore, having a positive company culture holds great importance with workers. 

To improve your company’s culture, start by looking at what your business is lacking. Perhaps you should take it to your employees to decide what they need to thrive in the workplace. An anonymous suggestion box will allow your employees to be transparent.

All companies can benefit from a positive culture; whether you’re a small start-up or one of the largest companies in the world. Here are five amazing benefits of building a positive company culture in your workplace.

Employee retention

Employing a new worker takes time. In fact, according to The Society for Human Resource Management, it takes 42 days to fill a position. This time includes countless hours of advertising, interviewing, and training the new employee.

Retaining valuable employee talent eliminates this burden on the company. A positive company culture keeps employees happy, and happy workers foster employee retention. It makes complete sense; those who feel happy at work will be more likely to keep a job than those who do not.

Employee recruitment

Following on from the benefit above, if your company has an excellent culture, the news will spread. Having a good reputation within your business will attract new employees outside of your company. This will give you the competitive advantage your company may need to climb the ranks.

Promotes good health

Believing a stressful workplace will push employees to perform at their best is primitive thinking. 

Organise activities where your employees can improve their health and have fun at the same time. Provide employees with opportunities to keep fit while hard at work. Standing desks or Swiss ball chairs are great options. 

As well as physical health, it’s essential to recognise the value of mental health as well. Offer employee wellness programs so workers can get the support they need.

Small businesses are especially dependent on employee health. Make sure your employees know their health and wellbeing is valued. Healthier employees mean there will be less of a need to take a day off.

Enhances teamwork

Employees should feel comfortable around one another. Comfortable enough to work together and alongside each other.

Build a workplace that values collaboration. Build social connections by incorporating team outings and activities into your workday. 

Employee-to-employee relationships are essential to ensure the smooth running of a business. But, so is the relationship between a boss and an employee. Younger workers who have recently entered the workforce tend to prefer their boss to act more like a mentor to them. Bridge the divide between employee hierarchy by guiding your employees. Provide resources to better their workflow. Ensure they are in a position where they’re comfortable asking for help.

Boosts productivity

How can you expect a business to perform well when employees are not happy? Research shows happier employees are 12% more productive in the workplace. While this statistic should not come as a shock to you, it goes to show happiness in the workplace is conducive to productivity.

So, we know that happier employees lead to higher levels of productivity. But how does this help your business? Higher productivity advances your company’s sales, profit, and revenue. It’s a win-win situation.

A business model that focusses on employee health and wellbeing is pivotal for the success of a modern-day business. Set your company apart from the rest and lead your employees by example.

Author’s bio:

Johanna Cider is a freelance writer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Besides writing for her blog, Johanna is also an avid reader and enjoys reading books about travel and business.


Brand Identity

Nowadays attempting to locate your business can be a very difficult process for your customers. Not only does their uncertainty of a brand-new location profoundly influence their decision but so does the unfamiliar travel time and location of even getting to your business. Therefore, business leaders are now coming to the realization that they need to place their business on Apple maps in order to ensure growth. The following list entails some of the benefits of choosing this route.

Big Following

Needless to say, Apple is one of the most popular brands in the world. Almost anyone you know has an Apple device on them, and if they have an Apple product, they certainly have access to Apple Maps. Apple Maps can be a viable customer acquisition tool for your business with 1.3 billion active Apple devices in the world. This means that when you include your business into their system, you are also obtaining the eyes of billions of users, many residing within your local area. 

That big following also means that friends can instantly share information about your business with other friends without even having to worry that their phones might not be compatible. Therefore, this is certainly a huge benefit to keep in mind when choosing to add your company onto Apple Maps.

Always Improving

As stated above, Apple is quickly becoming the most popular company for mobile devices in the world. Therefore, it is in their best interest to keep improving on their technology. Recently in 2018, Apple Maps actually went through an entire overhaul of the way the application works and its functions. Incredible detail was added, such as cover, foliage, pools, pedestrian pathways, and much more. This, of course, is a huge benefit for business owners who may not be within the most visible areas. 

Current Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated that his mission for the application is to rapidly make it the best navigational system in the world. These improvements provide business leaders with a tremendous amount of growth potential.

Reach Potential Customers

The inclusion of your company on Apple Maps isn’t simply to allow people to locate you but also to reach potential customers. Often when consumers are looking for something different to eat, they might just type in the word BBQ or Chinese into their Apple Maps app. This process will then, depending on your type of service, provide the customer with a list of businesses within their area depending on their type of service. It is then that your business becomes known to the customer. If your listing is attractive enough, meaning a good number of photos, information, and customer reviews, then your business will stand out and attract them to give your service a try. This, of course, would not have been possible without your inclusion on Apple Maps.

Provides Valuable Data

Although the primary function of Apple Maps is to provide consumers the ability to find an address with the best precision possible, it also holds a plethora of benefits for a business seeking to grow. One of these is the collection of valuable data. As a business owner, you want to know who your shoppers are. Luckily, the app allows business owners to not only edit and improve on their listing but also see who is interacting with their business. This includes who’s calling in, leaving reviews, and shopping. This data can be utilized for marketing purposes as it now allows you to understand who your core base is and the data creates other possible avenues to support your business. It’s a no brainer that catering to a demographic that is more likely to purchase will lead to bigger profits. Data will certainly be one of the most valuable assets a company holds in the future.

Consumer Confidence

Although most businesses are ready at the phone waiting to answer any customer questions, there is no doubt that more and more consumers would rather hear from people who’ve experienced your service than from you. Apple Maps provide just that and much more. Through the Apple Maps app, consumers can get a taste of your business without having to contact you or even step inside. People do this because they want to make sure that they’re not wasting their money on a service or product that doesn’t work. Thus, with enough information, consumer confidence begins to grow with positive reviews or comments, and people will begin to give your small business a chance. 

Options for getting eyeballs on your company will always exist, but there are only a handful of those options that have a proven record of actually getting the job done. Therefore, the addition of your business onto the Apple Maps application is a must for any company which is seriously seeking to continually grow.

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