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How Can My Business Be More Accessible to People with Disabilities?

It’s important to make your business accessible for people from all walks of life. Whether they’re an employee or a client, people with disabilities will benefit from handicapped services at your place of work. Businesses can thrive with inclusive services to strengthen their reputation and draw more revenue.

The Visually Impaired or Blind

Your visitors with visual impairment are more likely to return if your office is inclusive to their needs. Braille Works encourages to think about installing braille displays for transactions and directories. You should also make sure your establishment accommodates seeing eye dogs, and train your employees on how to interact with service animals. If you have a health care plan for your employees, consider adding eye exams and glasses to their benefits. You may even set up holiday charity drives and fundraisers to get the entire office involved.

The Deaf or Hearing-Impaired

Businesses should be able to be inclusive to clients and employees with hearing disabilities. Qualified interpreters should be provided at a moment’s notice. 5 Star Interpreting explains that The Americans with Disabilities Act requires qualified interpreters to be provided in the following situations: medical situations such as clinics and hospitals; law enforcement situations, law firms and a court of law; school and daycare; employment interviews, training, and orientation; and the hospitality industry. Show your visually impaired employees your appreciation with access to health care and simple necessities such as a backup of hearing aid batteries. Train staff how to guide coworkers with visual impairments.

Access for the Mobility Impaired

Those in wheelchairs and with mobility issues need to be able to enter your establishment and make their way around the building. Nicholas Stewart of Instructure recommends asking someone in a wheelchair to go through a building inspection with you. Doing so will ensure that you don’t miss anything as you make the workplace more accomodating. Additionally, you should consult building codes in your area to determine if a wheelchair ramp is allowed on your property. You’ll also want to consider automatic doors and expand office space to make room for wheelchairs and walkers.

Why Does a Business Need to Be Inclusive?

A company is at its most successful when it can provide for a diverse population of clients and employees alike. Being inclusive to those with disabilities will reflect positively on your brand and culture, which will in turn bring in more diverse talent. So not only is it the right thing to do, it will help your business along the way.   In addition, clients may shy away from doing business with a company that doesn’t take their needs into account. Rise above the rest with simple tips and tools so that everyone feels welcome and returns for regular business. Making the initial investment to accommodate those with disabilities should have long-term benefits. If you still need some help with your branding, design, or getting your name out there, let Enthrall help!