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Profits for an entrepreneur rise by 5.5% with an education. Becoming effective, knowing the market, and driving success are keys for financial success. There are those who would tell you that experience is enough. However, a strong educational background gives you access to a powerful knowledge base. These are some examples of how you can apply the tools you learn from a solid education to your business.

Education Gives You More Options

You are not going to get anything done if you know little about your industry. By having a degree in a related field, people are more likely to take a second look at you. While many schools are different, degrees are meant to be a standardized form of mentorship across all areas.

You are more likely to hire an accountant with a degree as opposed to someone who tells you he or she has the experience. By extension, people are more likely to take your coding startup seriously if you have a degree in a computer-related field. A college degree also teaches you a lot of applicable skills that you might not be able to learn elsewhere.

Education Creates Connections

When you go to college, you are likely to make some friends. Whether those people are your fellow students or professors, the friends involved in your mentorship are excited to see you grow. Making connections is an important step in establishing your startup. In fact, connections are one of the reasons Daymond John calls education the “key to success.”

Cramming a bunch of future financial advisors, biochemists, and lawyers into the same space is a lot of talent. Even those seeking similar degrees have a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. These are experiences that you don’t have. These people can provide you with anything from a new perspective to a new business partner.

Education Gives You New Experiences

According to the Association of American Colleges & Universities, many people make the mistake of going to college for one reason—to get a better job. You already know that college brings many types of people together. These people often get to do things that they normally wouldn’t have done without college. Studying abroad and internships are a few good examples. These unique experiences can add more dimension to your business.

Startups need those with strong educational backgrounds to bolster the knowledge behind the scenes. With a general business degree, they are introduced to the idea of critical thinking and leadership strategies. These experiences and resources are necessary to ensure awareness of the best practices to ensure success in your startup.

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It can be dispiriting to be at work and see your employees dragging their feet on their tasks. It can also be seriously bad for your business. You can only remind tell your employees to pick up the pace so many times. You have to find ways to make them do so in a way that works for everyone. Use these strategies to encourage your employees to be more productive.

Set Goals

The best way to be productive is to have a tangible goal to accomplish. If your employees don’t know what the ultimate purpose of their work is, they might have trouble being productive. Be transparent with your employees about what needs to be done and why. Hold staff meetings and one-on-one discussions to elaborate on what each step needs to be. Having this kind of understanding will make your employees feel like there’s a much greater purpose to their duties. Work is made much more fulfilling when employees know that there’s actually something to come from the effort that’s put in.

Source: 7 Tips for Effective Employee Goal-Setting to Boost Engagement and Productivity

Enhance the Surroundings

Our minds are sharpest when we let our senses be stimulated. Your office set up is important, as it can determine how invigorated your employees feel. If you don’t believe this, imagine trying to get work done in an office that’s completely devoid of any kind of decoration. You don’t want to overwhelm your employees’ sensory input. Just find ways to enhance their senses that will make them more motivated. One option is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy works by targeting specific feelings and emotions that the scent attempts to bring to mind. Consider bringing in things like candles or diffusers to let magnificent scents travel around your office.

Source: doTERRA vs Young Living (Review After Using Both Oils)

Give Positive Feedback

Hardly anything is a better motivator than positive reinforcement. Employees aren’t going to be productive just because you tell them to do something. They need validation that shows you value their efforts. This should not be effusive or nonspecific praise. If you notice that an employee has improved in a certain regard or they do something that really impresses you, tell them. They should know that you’re proud of them and all that you provide to the office.
Source: How to Deliver Positive Feedback at Work

Being productive is accomplished by working hard and working smart. Your office is full of talented individuals who might not realize just how much talent they have. As a leader, you need to encourage them to be as productive as possible. These strategies can help to make their workdays far more fulfilling and give them further confidence.


Brand Clarity

Keeping people engaged is vital to maintaining your customer base. How you communicate with your customers between transactions can go a long way toward ensuring that future transactions will really occur. Much of this communication is done online as opposed to in person. Here are some ways to use your online presence to build your communications with your clientele.

Your Website

There are many different ways that your website can improve communication with customers. You should be using it to inspire their interaction with you. This is done by a combination of providing information that customers want and responding to customers who contact you. Your business website can ask for reviews, or it can run promotions that encourage responses. People want to feel engaged, so give them the opportunity to do so. This is how a company builds brand loyalty. Start with a professionally designed website, and ensure it has numerous areas that allow for back-and-forth communication with your clients.

Your Blog

Your blog is a valuable tool to start a conversation. When customers see you in the position of trusted information provider, it builds a bond between them and your business. A blog is another way to stimulate and promote client interaction. Encourage your readers’ responses to what you put in front of them. Your customers may come to associate your business with whatever important piece of information they learned, and they may remember that when it is time to make a purchasing decision. You can never go wrong when you’re perceived as a friendly and approachable expert. Customers respect that.

Text Messaging

Since it puts information directly in front of your customers and literally into their hands, business text messaging is a valuable way to communicate. It doesn’t require much effort on the part of the recipient to read and digest the material. In fact, nearly 90% of consumers state that they would prefer to interact over SMS. Of course, you must make sure to use this form of communication intelligently because overuse of this method will turn consumers off. Nonetheless, if you provide certain timely pieces of information directly to customers via SMS, it will encourage their immediate response.


When you use email to communicate with customers, you can exert some control over the conversation through dictating the content. A thoughtful email campaign can get your message in front of numerous potential clients. One advantage of this method is that the clients can read and absorb the message when they are able and have the time. If you use this form of contact, you should make it look as customized as possible to encourage your customers to read the email that you’ve sent. You should also consider directing as much of your incoming communication as possible to be sent via email so that you can have the appropriate time to respond. This could ease your busy schedule.

The primary place where you will talk with your customers is now online. If you tailor your strategy there toward communicating in the most effective way, it will be possible to drive new clients to your business.



In today’s increasingly wired world, the use of email plays a pivotal part in many marketing campaigns. Despite the rise of numerous social media platforms, targeted email campaigns are still a valuable component of digital marketing efforts. Here are three reasons why email marketing is still exceptionally effective, even in the year 2019.

When Done Right, Consumers Appreciate Personalization

Unlike other types of hard marketing, emails are easily personalized. By customizing the emails to meet the demands and personal preferences of your customer base, you can more effectively reach the people that you want to hear your message. A personalized email is more likely to be opened than a mass-produced piece of marketing, such as a direct mail piece or targeted social media advertisement. Because email is so simple to customize, you increase the chances that it will be read by the recipient.

Everyone Has An Email Account

With so many new social media platforms hitting the market space each year, their reach is becoming diluted. Although not everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, most everyone has an email account. In addition, people also tend to check their email accounts frequently. Surveys show 99% of consumers check their email every day, making email an extremely effective vehicle for reaching customers regularly. When you want to reach your customers at a specific time, email is the best choice to customize the exact delivery of the message. This precise timing is not possible with most other marketing techniques.

Higher Rate of Return Compared to Other Marketing Options

One of the primary reasons why email is still a viable option for a variety of marketing needs can be traced back to its high rate of return on investment. Unlike costly direct mail campaigns or targeted social media advertising, email initiatives are value-driven. Savvy marketers understand the importance of getting the most bang out of the advertising dollar. Targeted email campaigns can reach thousands of clients or potential customers for very little cost. Unlike direct mail pieces, email promotions are also easily trackable, delivering a host of useful data that can be harnessed to provide more powerful results in the future.

Email marketing has distinguished itself with the ability to continually adapt to changing marketing trends in an effort to stay relevant. As long as this vehicle continues to evolve to meet the needs of marketers, it will remain a viable option for reaching customers for years to come.


Brand Image

It’s important to make your business accessible for people from all walks of life. Whether they’re an employee or a client, people with disabilities will benefit from handicapped services at your place of work. Businesses can thrive with inclusive services to strengthen their reputation and draw more revenue.

The Visually Impaired or Blind

Your visitors with visual impairment are more likely to return if your office is inclusive to their needs. Braille Works encourages to think about installing braille displays for transactions and directories. You should also make sure your establishment accommodates seeing eye dogs, and train your employees on how to interact with service animals.

If you have a health care plan for your employees, consider adding eye exams and glasses to their benefits. You may even set up holiday charity drives and fundraisers to get the entire office involved.

The Deaf or Hearing-Impaired

Businesses should be able to be inclusive to clients and employees with hearing disabilities. Qualified interpreters should be provided at a moment’s notice. 5 Star Interpreting explains that The Americans with Disabilities Act requires qualified interpreters to be provided in the following situations: medical situations such as clinics and hospitals; law enforcement situations, law firms and a court of law; school and daycare; employment interviews, training, and orientation; and the hospitality industry.

Show your visually impaired employees your appreciation with access to health care and simple necessities such as a backup of hearing aid batteries. Train staff how to guide coworkers with visual impairments.

Access for the Mobility Impaired

Those in wheelchairs and with mobility issues need to be able to enter your establishment and make their way around the building. Discount Ramps recommends to consult building codes in your area to determine if a wheelchair ramp is allowed on your property. You’ll also want to consider automatic doors and expand office space to make room for wheelchairs and walkers.

Why Does a Business Need to Be Inclusive?

A company is at its most successful when it can provide for a diverse population of clients and employees alike. Being inclusive to those with disabilities will reflect positively on your brand and culture, which will in turn bring in more diverse talent. So not only is it the right thing to do, it will help your business along the way.  

In addition, clients may shy away from doing business with a company that doesn’t take their needs into account. Rise above the rest with simple tips and tools so that everyone feels welcome and returns for regular business. Making the initial investment to accommodate those with disabilities should have long-term benefits.

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All business owners understand that advertising drives traffic to their store or website. Yet, not all entrepreneurs realize that marketing should be a structured advertising campaign designed for specific results. Competition is keen in the contemporary marketplace, and staying a step ahead of your competitors is always essential. After all, everyone is hoping to attract the same clientele in any given industry. Top-of-mind awareness is a real advantage in any product market. Being the first one potential customers turn to when it is time to purchase is the primary goal of any marketing campaign.


Identify Your Customer Base

It is usually futile to attempt mass blast marketing in any business. Knowing who may want your product line helps streamline efforts to get the word out via advertising specific offers. This is a mistake many business operators make with email subscription lists and social media posts, as many recipients among a large group will mark a communication as spam if it does not appeal to them. Know who may want your product, and be focused on converting sales or driving customers into your business establishment. When it comes to social media marketing, be sure to get an understanding of what posts grab your audience’s attention. Also, always ask for reviews when a sale has been made.


Implement Big Data

There are countless performance tools available for any business person who is serious about growing their customer base. Monitoring trending products and what would make a viable addition to your operation is always a good tactic to include in your program. But, being responsive to those who show interest can be even more critical. Persistence can pay, and a good marketing plan will help your business grow by identifying solid leads among the crowd of respondents.


Shop Your Competition

One long-standing marketing practice is “shopping” your competition. This helps to see what you offer that gives you an advantage over others and vice versa. Knowing who you are up against in the marketplace can be a useful measuring tool. It can help you to understand your business growth pace and see what can be done to improve that margin. Evaluating your competition on a regular basis can also help. Doing this can give you good ideas of how to stand out from the crowd, especially in highly competitive industries.


Don’t Overlook Traditional Methods

Some of these more traditional methods such as signage, flyers, standard advertising should not be overlooked. Yes, the use of the Internet and social media are essential. But, sometimes the old-school way is what some people want and enjoy. 68% of American consumers have made a purchase because a sign caught their eye. So, just remember to think about the appealing nature that some customer enjoy.

These are just a few suggestions to help entrepreneurs build their business in as many ways as possible through marketing. Having a general idea of the business model before even beginning your operation is always a good decision. It is a well-known axiom of business that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. And it all is anchored in having a solid marketing plan to help your business prosper.



Any business owner or up-and-coming professional understands the power of having an excellent brand. Once you define and grow your brand, maximizing your exposure and increasing sales can be nearly effortless. Whether you are an entrepreneur, social media influencer or someone looking to build their personal brand, consider this advice.

Develop a Visible Brand with a Message

Many small businesses neglect to develop their brand because they do not recognize how fundamental it is for attracting attention and improving sales. A brand that is not visible, seems uninteresting or is distant toward consumers often falls out of tune with its target audience. You should stay consistent and ease into developing your brand over time by establishing brand pillars early.

It is essential that you make your brand synonymous with good qualities, like reliability, consistency and high quality. Creating a unique message that represents your brand is important for standing out and building a credible reputation among consumers. As people start interacting with your brand, ask them to share their experiences. Collecting customer reviews is a great way to establish your online reputation. When customers identify with your brand, they become long-term supporters and may help spread knowledge of your brand.

Capture Attention with Promotional Giveaways

Offering promotional products is one way that you can spread knowledge of your brand quickly. Many people love the idea of getting something for free, and if you emblazon your promotional products with your company’s logo or slogan, people are more likely to remember you. The type of promotional products that you offer should be something your target audience wants or needs. Writing instruments and similar office supplies are kept and used on a daily basis. These simple promotional products can serve as a reminder of your company and the services you offer while customers are signing checks, filling out applications, writing down reminders and taking notes.


Useful promotional products are always more welcomed and likely to remain with the consumer longer than other types of giveaway items. Whether you choose T-shirts, USB drives, car chargers, bags, baseball caps, earbuds or pens with your logo, it is vital to get them out there.

Showcase Your Brand’s Merchandise

If you want to get consumers to associate your brand with excellent merchandise, consider setting up a vibrant retail display in local hot-spots around your small business, and spread awareness of the event on social media. Expos and trade shows are also a great way to put your products in the spotlight. Looking at images of top-notch merchandise may inspire many to buy online, but there is nothing like getting the opportunity to touch and examine a physical product before you buy it. Setting up an attractive retail stand to display your products gives consumers a hands-on experience with your brand. If you want to maximize sales, providing a product demonstration on the spot is also a superb idea.

Make Your Brand Memorable

Companies that invest the time to create an impactful logo and slogan can outshine the competition. A memorable brand always has a logo and original name that differentiates it from others in the marketplace. Consider that some corporations have created a popular slogan that can still be recited and recognized by consumers years later. Without a doubt, a catchy slogan helps people to remember your brand and what your company stands for as you expand your influence. Promoting your brand on business cards and flyers that you pass out at networking events helps consumers to become more familiar with your brand.


Keeping your brand unique, trustworthy and straightforward can go a long way toward helping you reach your goals for your business or personal brand. Building long-term, interactive relationships with customers can help them develop a stronger appreciation for your brand. Although maximizing your brand’s influence won’t happen overnight, if you take steps to solidify your brand, you can start sowing now to reap the fruits later. Your brand is your biggest asset. Get it right the first time. Contact us today to see how we can help you create and grow a lasting and memorable brand that consumers will love!


Brand Strategy

In today’s world, online marketing is a strategic tool for all businesses to have. A web page is considered real estate on the internet and is needed to attract consumers. It helps you to reach consumers nationwide, in other countries and in different time zones. Marketing on the internet is cost effective and is cheaper than traditional methods that include dealing with physical locations. There is no need to buy stock or pay for rental equipment and maintenance.

When you market your business on the internet, you can personalize your customer base and track the web pages and products they visit. It’s easier to communicate and send marketing emails to consumers, too. Social media is another tool that is beneficial for online marketing because it allows you to contact prospective customers to grow your business around the clock.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is an important tool to use for online marketing. This is a platform that offers diversity and can help you to build your professional network and attract potential clients. When you use social media, you will need to be committed and create a strategy that works for your business. This entails creating a constant media stream and finding out the wants and needs of your audience.

Besides using these platforms to promote your business, you can communicate with your customers too. This can assist you in finding out what their needs are and help you create more efficient posts. You can tailor your content to your audience and share blogs and videos that get their attention. Instead of promoting poor performing posts, boost the top performers to increase your chances of obtaining more customers.

People Trust Reviews

Positive customer reviews from consumers are another factor that helps market your online business. These reviews have a significant impact on the way your customers view your business. Your customer feedback is imperative to your brand. Since the internet has become more accessible, more people are researching products and reading customer reviews online. If you have negative feedback, this can seriously harm your business. With that in mind, you want to encourage consumers to leave positive comments as often as possible.


A blog gives your brand a voice and helps you reach more people on the internet. It is an easy way to connect to customers and provide them with valuable information. The content can be used across social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and allows you to have a conversation with consumers. When you blog, your customers begin to look to you as an authority in your industry. It not only broadens your audience but helps you become more creative. Blogging is also a good way to get attention on the internet and promote your products and services for free.

Develop Your Email List

An email marketing list has a high return on investment and is a valuable marketing resource for many brands. There are millions of people online every day checking their emails. To build an email list, you can import an already existing list of contacts or create a new one. If you do not have a list, you will need to develop a strategy to obtain your contacts. There are several ways to this that include offering an incentive for people to sign up for your mailing list on your website by providing a discount or delivering exceptional content.

Taking the time to market your business online is imperative to your brand’s success. There is an online community for every niche, and you can find yours by using the correct marketing tools. There are no limits to the number of people you reach and how much your business can grow with online marketing.


Brand Image, Brand Strategy

Poor communication limits your business’s capability to optimize performance. Communication is essentially the blood flow of an organization. It delivers the information to various people working with or within the business to get work done while providing a mechanism for building and strengthening relationships. It can be a significant factor in building company culture, which ultimately reflects upon your brand identity.

However, when there are poor communication lines in your business, their effects are felt across the board, and might even leak externally to your customers. Individually, your staff will feel disconnected due to the lack of clear direction from the management. This leads to decreased engagement, low satisfaction rates, and poor performance. Ultimately resulting in an overall lower output from the entire business. Your customers might pick up on this and take their business elsewhere. Let us look at the various ways in which poor communication might be your brand’s Achilles heel.

It Creates a Culture of Distrust

Trust plays a vital role in the success of any high-performing team. This explains why team-building activities are always centered on getting each member of the team to believe in the other’s skill and willingness to perform their job.

Ineffective communication; however, inhibits trust building and thus breeds a culture of distrust. When you do not communicate your goals and important events with your staff, they will eventually start thinking that crucial information is being held back from them. This creates an ‘us versus them’ mentality.

Confusion and Uncertainty

Effective top-down communication is what ensures that all your departments, their leaders, and employees are on the same page. However, when there is no clear direction, the role of departments and individual employees becomes uncertain. This results in a workforce that lacks priorities. The effects are usually inefficiency and a lack of productivity.

In other instances, confusion is caused by mixed messages. For example, a manager might provide a directional message today, then give an entirely different vision after a few weeks. Another instance is when front-line managers and top managers have different perspectives on how goals should be accomplished. This causes chaos which leads to uncoordinated or misdirected tasks.

The Need for Open and Consistent Communication

Blueline Rental, the 4th biggest construction equipment rental company in North America, decided to prioritize communication across the company in a bid to show that the company cared about the well-being of its employees. In doing this, the company was able to take its TRI safety score (which should be 1 or below) from 3 to 0.74, making it one of the safest companies to work for in a dangerous profession. When looking to improve communication lines in your business, expect numerous barriers, especially if you have more people in your company. Thus, instead of telling your staff what to do, offer them a clear line of site which details where they are headed, and their role in that objective. Address concerns promptly while ensuring they have access to all the information they need, whenever they need it. Moreover, involve your staff in your decision-making process by holding discussions to get their input. This makes sure they know that their opinions are valued. It is also why clinics use healthcare management specialists to facilitate communication. By enhancing communication in your workplace, you’ll have a workforce that knows where it is headed, and how it is supposed to get there.


Having a shared vision and mission is key to establishing consistency in your brand experience both internally and externally. If you notice some communication slip-ups at work, whether with you or your co-workers, don’t hesitate to start wondering what you can better do to improve the situation. Communication is key to most things in life, and so practicing and succeeding at it as a company will surely lead to improved employee and client interaction.




Business finance 101 has a little more rules to it than personal finance 101, but the general principles on being careful what you spend funds on are usually the same. The main thing to know when managing your company budget or discussing reports with your accountant is what you or your employees will invest in the short-term, and what you should be doing in the long run. But in either case, since every penny spent can affect your business considerably especially if it’s still small, you should follow five financial management practice tips to keep it in good financial health.


Make Sure You’ve Set Your Own Salary Wisely

As this article points out, you should be careful not to sacrifice so much of your own personal capital and paycheck to the point that you aren’t getting paid. For tax purposes and other reasons, it’s good to have your business funds and personal funds in separate accounts, but your salary can be recorded in the payroll documents. It is also a way to recoup some losses if the unfortunate happens and your business fails.

Know How to Collect Accounts Receivable

Offering financing to your customers can be a great way to encourage them to make bigger purchases. But if your company makes its revenue mostly from billing customers, you want to make sure you know how to collect money from your invoices, so you aren’t running short on cash flow. Sometimes it’s good to incentivize customers with discounts on billing for signing up to make automatic payments on due dates. Also know when you need to be a little more aggressive about collecting from late paying customers. The bottom line is you don’t want to put your company short on cash.

Set Appropriate Limits on Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards can be quite a convenience for being able to make essential purchases, because at times they can offer more flexibility than bank loans and can allow you easy financial reports. Their interest rates can be quite costly, and without guardrails in place, they can be a significant liability on your company. You definitely need to limit the number of employees with credit cards as well as possibly limit credit card usage to those with a specific ranking. Even though well-defined credit card usage policy can help, sometimes shared company credit cards can easily become a financial trap. They can wreck the company budget and open the doors to employee fraud. Instead, look to other alternatives such as virtual credit cards, or you could even use gift cards or prepaid cash cards. Many big corporations have begun providing employees who travel frequently with prepaid cards for certain increments for food and other necessities to cut down on the risk of misuse.   


Spend Conservatively

It might be tempting to start spending as soon as your business starts making a little money, but this kind of thinking is a fast track to bankruptcy. Save as much as you can, because eventually you’re going to have to face a rainy day. Look for discounts, rebates, and other ways to save money on routine or large expenses. For example, some utility companies (especially electricity providers) will provide rebates for businesses who decide to invest in energy-efficient equipment. There’s also no shame in buying equipment used or renting instead of buying. Be smart with your business’ money, and you will be rewarded. 


Have Your Growth Plan Be Something Your Team Can Be Happy With

As you’re making or planning for new company expenses, growing your company should be about more than just more products and higher profit margins. You should look at investing in things that can make your employees happy and make for a more comfortable work environment such as a new building with office space, or spending more on employee benefits and incentives. Making your finances count for good employee morale is a highly important move for your company and internal brand equity.

The bottom line to running a business is even if you have innovation and ingenuity, those can only get you so far without sound financial management knowledge and practices. Just as with personal finance, it’s good to be able to meet business expenses with cash from savings as opposed to running in high debt. Before you use any loans or even perhaps opening your doors for business, you should talk to a business financial planner about good ways to use company money.

Your fiscal practices is just as important of a branding decision as what your logo will be! Chances are your brand identity hasn’t been planned out in this area, or hasn’t been updated in a while, so let’s change that! We help with all parts of the branding process, and even if you’re just curious to see how we can help, we can schedule a short consultation to show you what we can do. Check us out today!