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Joining a company can feel a lot like being the “new kid” at school, even if you’re an adult. As a boss, you should not only help new employees get up to speed with what their role is and your expectations for them but also help them feel acclimated to the company. These tips will help your new hires quickly feel like they’ve always been a part of the team.

Get to Know Them

A new employee shouldn’t feel like a stranger. Beyond their resumé, you should be looking at what kind of person they are. When they’re getting situated, shoot the breeze with them. Ask them about favorite hobbies and any other interests. Don’t try to ask about sensitive information, and don’t worry if an employee is shy about opening up. Some people need some time before they can really feel comfortable socializing at work, especially with their boss. Showing respect for people of all temperaments can also help employees not feel like they’re being forced into being extroverted. Being able to casually socialize with employees, will boost their mood and their productivity.

Host Team Building Activities

Team building activities allow for some serious bonding to happen. This may be some of your new employees’ first real job, so it’s important to make a good impression and try fun onboarding activities to help get them engaged. You can do trust exercises such as having employees fall back and let another employee catch them. You might also have an outdoor retreat with fun things like water balloon tosses. Your new employees can have some very silly fun while also becoming much better acquainted with their fellow coworkers.

Introduce Them to Others

Let your new employees feel comfortable around others by introducing them to their colleagues and not just the ones who are in their department. Other employees, including other leaders, should be introduced to them. Speak about their experience and point out any accomplishments that they’ve had, even if they’ve only started working fairly recently. It can also make it easier for them to reach out to others. You might be able to forge some new friendships and create some essential business connections by introducing your new employees to those who’ve been on your team for a much longer time.

You can show how good of a manager you are by how well you can help your new employees feel like they’re part of your work family. Have your employees focus on being kind to each other and everyone who joins your company. Everyone starts as a new employee, but that doesn’t mean they have to feel like an outcast.