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It can be dispiriting to be at work and see your employees dragging their feet on their tasks. It can also be seriously bad for your business. You can only remind tell your employees to pick up the pace so many times. You have to find ways to make them do so in a way that works for everyone. Use these strategies to encourage your employees to be more productive.

Set Goals

The best way to be productive is to have a tangible goal to accomplish. If your employees don’t know what the ultimate purpose of their work is, they might have trouble being productive. Be transparent with your employees about what needs to be done and why. Hold staff meetings and one-on-one discussions to elaborate on what each step needs to be. Having this kind of understanding will make your employees feel like there’s a much greater purpose to their duties. Work is made much more fulfilling when employees know that there’s actually something to come from the effort that’s put in. Source: 7 Tips for Effective Employee Goal-Setting to Boost Engagement and Productivity

Enhance the Surroundings

Our minds are sharpest when we let our senses be stimulated. Your office set up is important, as it can determine how invigorated your employees feel. If you don’t believe this, imagine trying to get work done in an office that’s completely devoid of any kind of decoration. You don’t want to overwhelm your employees’ sensory input. Just find ways to enhance their senses that will make them more motivated. One option is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy works by targeting specific feelings and emotions that the scent attempts to bring to mind. Consider bringing in things like candles or diffusers to let magnificent scents travel around your office. Source: doTERRA vs Young Living (Review After Using Both Oils)

Give Positive Feedback

Hardly anything is a better motivator than positive reinforcement. Employees aren’t going to be productive just because you tell them to do something. They need validation that shows you value their efforts. This should not be effusive or nonspecific praise. If you notice that an employee has improved in a certain regard or they do something that really impresses you, tell them. They should know that you’re proud of them and all that you provide to the office. Source: How to Deliver Positive Feedback at Work Being productive is accomplished by working hard and working smart. Your office is full of talented individuals who might not realize just how much talent they have. As a leader, you need to encourage them to be as productive as possible. These strategies can help to make their workdays far more fulfilling and give them further confidence.