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Brand Clarity
Keeping people engaged is vital to maintaining your customer base. How you communicate with your customers between transactions can go a long way toward ensuring that future transactions will really occur. Much of this communication is done online as opposed to in person. Here are some ways to use your online presence to build your communications with your clientele.

Your Website

There are many different ways that your website can improve communication with customers. You should be using it to inspire their interaction with you. This is done by a combination of providing information that customers want and responding to customers who contact you. Your business website can ask for reviews, or it can run promotions that encourage responses. People want to feel engaged, so give them the opportunity to do so. This is how a company builds brand loyalty. Start with a professionally designed website, and ensure it has numerous areas that allow for back-and-forth communication with your clients.

Your Blog

Your blog is a valuable tool to start a conversation. When customers see you in the position of trusted information provider, it builds a bond between them and your business. A blog is another way to stimulate and promote client interaction. Encourage your readers’ responses to what you put in front of them. Your customers may come to associate your business with whatever important piece of information they learned, and they may remember that when it is time to make a purchasing decision. You can never go wrong when you’re perceived as a friendly and approachable expert. Customers respect that.

Text Messaging

Since it puts information directly in front of your customers and literally into their hands, business text messaging is a valuable way to communicate. It doesn’t require much effort on the part of the recipient to read and digest the material. In fact, nearly 90% of consumers state that they would prefer to interact over SMS. Of course, you must make sure to use this form of communication intelligently because overuse of this method will turn consumers off. Nonetheless, if you provide certain timely pieces of information directly to customers via SMS, it will encourage their immediate response.


When you use email to communicate with customers, you can exert some control over the conversation through dictating the content. A thoughtful email campaign can get your message in front of numerous potential clients. One advantage of this method is that the clients can read and absorb the message when they are able and have the time. If you use this form of contact, you should make it look as customized as possible to encourage your customers to read the email that you’ve sent. You should also consider directing as much of your incoming communication as possible to be sent via email so that you can have the appropriate time to respond. This could ease your busy schedule. The primary place where you will talk with your customers is now online. If you tailor your strategy there toward communicating in the most effective way, it will be possible to drive new clients to your business.