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Human capital is a brand resource that many don’t intentionally navigate from the beginning. A successful business depends greatly on its ability to hire the right employees. Hiring the wrong employees can halt any progress that your brand has made with existing and potential customers. Bad employees can unintentionally ruin good services that your company provides. This is why it is important to strategize a plan for hiring the best talent your business. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips to help you to protect your brand asset. Here are 5 hiring hacks to keep the turkeys out of your business.  

Pre-Employment Assessments

One of the best guarantees to filter bad employees out of your business is to utilize pre-employment assessments. These assessments will allow you to evaluate employees by providing them with various tests before you decide to hire them. Some of these tests can be based upon hard skills, work samples, personality, interviews, and more. Use the test results to help you determine who is fit for hiring.  

Avoid Just Hiring Anyone

You may have experienced a situation where you need to fill job roles immediately. Hiring someone who may not have the proper credentials for the position, not just the project, hastily is not the best course of action for your company. We tend to tunnel-vision whenever we need something done quickly. While the new hire may have the needed skills to accomplish the current project or need, future projects may require more or different skills. If the new employee doesn’t have those skills, or have the ability to acquire the necessary skills quickly, you’re back to the hiring process again, wasting more time and money than waiting a few extra days would have cost the company. Take a moment and think of the long-term requirements before hiring someone when you need to fill a position immediately.  

Hiring Websites

Choosing the right site(s) for your job ad is just as important as the ad itself. Look for websites that will allow you to properly detail the position and skills you are looking for. Many popular hiring websites are now able to link potential candidates with your job listing based on the specified requirements in your description and the matching skill set the candidate has. Some websites will also allow candidates to upload or link accomplishments, accreditations, or work portfolio they have accrued over their career, allowing you to get a clearer picture on their experience, career goals, and career performance.  

Use Your Intuition During Interviews

Listen to your instincts whenever you are interviewing a new candidate. Don’t ignore any red flags that may come up during the interview. Take your time to carefully assess all the information that the candidate gives you during the interview. The last thing you want to do is ignore your instincts and hire an employee that doesn’t work out.  

Background Checks

Always make sure to utilize background checks before hiring someone. Consider not hiring the candidate if any flags come up for criminal activity. This could put your company at risk if you let someone with a bad track record into your offices. Look for a relatively clean record before hiring someone into your company. Is your brand built to last? Having the right employees on your team will ensure it is!  Let us help you!   References: